The real life cases below (with the names changed, of course) represent the situations I commonly run across, and illustrate the ways in which I can help.

Jane and John

CaseStudies1JaneandJohnThe Challenge

Jane and John were an elderly couple facing multiple crises. Jane had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Alongside her memory loss and other cognitive issues, she could no longer manage everyday household tasks like laundry and meals, and had difficulty with balance (putting her at risk for a fall). She also had trouble monitoring her medications.

John similarly felt overwhelmed by his wife’s care. Both had trouble coping with Jane’s illness, their individual feelings of pain, loss, and fear, and with the toll it was taking on their relationship.

Care Plan

The care plan we developed addressed both partners’ issues.

For Jane:

  • Physical therapy—to help increase range of motion and balance
  • Housekeeping
  • Nutritional plan—to reduce salt intake from processed foods
  • Healthcare plan—switched to new physicians, managed appointments and medical interventions
  • Medication management
  • Therapeutic socialization—to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation

For John:

  • Coping techniques to understand dementia
  • Reduction in anxiety and agitation due to individual loss
  • Relief from management of wife’s care

The Results:

The care plan helped the couple achieve a level of stability, allowing for better self-management of their behavior and of the illness itself. The nutritional plan and physical therapy increased their overall health and helped minimize the risk of falls. With both partners feeling better physically and mentally, their relationship improved. The new doctors worked well together, and Jane’s monitoring program helped effectively manage all her medications.