The real life case below (with the names changed, of course) represent the situations I commonly run across, and illustrate the ways in which I can help.


CaseStudy4Sarah81The Challenge:

Sarah was 81 years old and living alone. She was showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease and had lost her driver’s license—a big blow to anyone’s independence. Isolated physically and emotionally, her health declining every day, Sarah felt scared and depressed. Her family reached out to us for support.

Care Plan:

  • Reduced isolation by providing transportation for weekly bridge game and church outings
  • Gradually introduced a live-in care giver
  • Developed a nutritional plan to improve dietary symptoms
  • Developed a physical therapy program

The Results:

Through regular one-on-one counseling, Sarah learned to cope with her new reality. Learning new techniques to help manage her memory loss also helped with addressing her feelings of anger and grief. Agreeing to a live-in companion allowed her to preserve social connections, reducing depression and isolation. Sarah is currently living in a board-and-care facility and doing well.