How to Talk with Your Aging Parents
So They’ll Listen: 7 Important Tips!
Free Resource


How do you start those vital conversations with your aging parents–about their health, living situation, driving or planning for emergencies? And get real decisions?

The 7 important tips in this free resource can help.

As a clinical gerontologist, Kathy Faenzi often get called in to assist elders and their families in crisis. But that is the worst time to be starting a discussion about needs and wishes.

Inside this report, you’ll find answers to:

  • when to start talking to your parents,
  • what questions to ask,
  • what to do if all the work falls on you,
  • where to go for more resources, and
  • the most important thing you need to do for yourself.

With the 7 helpful tips in this report, you’ll be able to have those conversations with your parents, make needed changes before a crisis happens and improve the situation for your entire family.

You will also be receiving additional free resources from Kathy Faenzi to help you in dealing with the myriad issues that our aging parents experience.

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