Senior Care Solutions

As science enables us to live longer than ever before, it’s never been more important to plan for those later stages of life. With the right support system in place, elder adults and their families can more effectively deal with, and even embrace, change.

At Faenzi Associates, we act as your partner and advocate to provide senior care solutions that fit your unique situation:

“When Linda first suggested talking with you, we had no idea what a geriatric counselor did but we knew we needed help. Your care and love for these many years sustained Mom and provided a quality to her life that she would not have had. Likewise you enabled us to know she was cared for safe and loved by others.

Throughout mom’s many years in her Millbrae home you were always there for her to be supportive and when needed assertive in order for her to have the best life possible. We are so appreciative of all you have done and more importantly the friendship that we have developed.” R. Odle-Woodinville, WA