Dementia Counseling

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia diagnosis can be devastating for the individual and at the very least enormously life-changing for the entire family! Family members and friends are often left in a state of denial. Educating to inform yourself about the disease process will help get you through this long and difficult journey.

We offer dementia counseling, resources, caregiver support and tips for coping and managing the challenging behaviors associated with this illness. Our care managers promote a safe, trusting environment for the care recipient to share painful feelings and express emotions associated with depression, anger and grief. We focus on validation, reminiscence, using redirecting approach and specific communication techniques to reduce stress, frustration and agitation. Our goal is to provide relief to help reduce stress, frustration and isolation.

“My Mother and I started working with Kathy in late 2007 after my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Kathy assisted our family with my Mom’s medical issues, diet concerns, loss of independence, grief, declining memory and increased isolation. A comprehensive care plan was developed and implemented promoting successful aging and quality of life for my mom. Kathy took baby-steps meeting with my mother weekly which resulted in a loving and caring relationship. My Mom came to trust her and accepted guidance and recommendations…”

P. Toomey-San Mateo, CA