Life Transition Counseling

The aging process tends to sneak up on us. You start to forget everyday things. Tasks once accomplished with ease are now difficult. Decline in physical and mental health in addition to the loss of one’s purpose in life can be overwhelming. It can seem as if the world you once know is disappearing. These all combine to create powerful feelings of helplessness and grief. Life transitions counseling can be invaluable in helping the aging adult to adjust. We are passionate about helping others and with our clinical training and personal life experiences we offer validation and guidance through one’s individual process. Empathy and compassion are our main source to instill hope as we walk beside our clients’ challenges in life.

  • Individual counseling with the older adult: Validation counseling entails personalized work to help the older adult overcome specific challenges or to attain their goals. We explore ways to re-establish purpose in life and provide opportunities to reconnect with community. Common challenges include: depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, phobias, compulsions, memory loss, chronic illness, mobility decline and grief.
  • Family Counseling Family members often struggle to understand and accept the role reversal and relationship change that accompanies the aging process with parents and loved ones. Complicated and emotional pain can make adapting to one’s physical and mental decline difficult. Our care managers teach validation and train family members on using communication and coping techniques to better interact so everyone’s needs are met.

Kathy Faenzi came in who was THE answer to my prayers. Since I was my Mom’s best friend and knowing that my Mom is a very private woman, I never thought that my Mom would openly discuss her personal thoughts with anyone else. I was wrong. Kathy would meet with just my Mom at her home every month and then every week for about an hour. After a month or two, my Mom would tell me that “Kathy was coming over today and I am looking very forward to it”. I actually heard excitement in her voice which I had not heard in a long time, it was wonderful! Their relationship was truly a blessing to her and to me and to my brother. Kathy even spoke about my mom at her “celebration of life” ceremony and shared stories which confirmed Kathy had become her true friend and advisor. I will always be greatly grateful to Kathy for the love and compassion and help with my Mom in the last years of her life. ”