Senior Care Management

senior-care-managementA comprehensive care plan provides daily personal care and activities for the older adult. Whether the care is short- term or long term we work closely with family and other providers to meet the individuals care needs and provide support.


  • Implement solution based action plan to support care recommendations and gently support safe transition.
  • Medical advocacy at doctor appointments, hospitalization and rehabilitation centers to assure client’s needs are communicated.
  • Provide services to continue strength training; physical therapy, range of motion exercises.
  • Assist with safe discharge from hospital setting to manage appropriate care at home or in an assisted living/dementia facility.
  • Provide transportation and accompany to all medical appointments and/or scheduled outings.
  • Oversee and manage private caregiver(s), companion or personal assistant to maintain quality assurance; Monitor and manage daily activity, protocol, nutrition and meal planning, documentation, medication management, social calendar and ongoing relationship with the older adult.
  • Provide therapeutic socialization.
  • Ongoing preferred communication with family members or appropriate DPOA.
  • Work in tandem with health care professional avoid future problems and to conserve assets.

“Five years after my dad died, my mom, at age 85 began to show some dementia-like symptoms. In spite of her mild protest, I hired a part-time caregiver to assist mom at home. By 2007, mom’s condition –physical and otherwise –had deteriorated. Faced with the biggest challenge of my life, I hired an experienced gerontologist, Kathy Faenzi to assist me in decision making, supervision of mom’s care and caregivers to interface with mom’s physicians. Kathy essentially performed the duties of a wise and caring older sister (note: I’m clearly her elder), physician’s assistant, personnel director and all around Renaissance woman! From the day I hired her until the day mom left this earth (five years later in 2012), Kathy was all my mom or I could have asked for. I recommend her to anyone considering services as a talented, brilliant gerontologist and exceptional, compassionate human being. ”

John W. Green-Los Angeles, CA